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Hyo Jae (H. J.) Yoon, Ph.D
尹 孝 在

About Prof. H. J. Yoon

Hyo Jae Yoon

HJY photo3aa.jpg

Current Position


Department of Chemistry,

Korea University

Seoul, Korea

Associate Editor, ACS Applied Nano Materials


Harvard University

Postdoctoral fellow (2010-2014)

Advisor: George M. Whitesides


Northwestern University

Ph.D. in Chemistry (2010)

Advisor: Chad A. Mirkin

Sogang University

B.S. in Chemistry (2005)

Awards and Honors

S-OIL Next-Generation Scientist Fellowship (KAST), 2023

KU Graduate Student Achievement Award, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2023

KCS Young Inorganic Chemist Award, 2022

Member of Young Korean Academy of Science and Technology, 2021

Granite Teaching Award, 2021

Thieme Chemistry Journals Award, 2020

Army-commissioned Graduate Student Achievement Award, 2018

Research Achievement Award (Korean Ministry of Education), 2017

POSCO Chung-Am Science Young Investigator Fellowship, 2015

IUPAC Young Chemist Travel Award, 2015

Commendation for Excellence in Graduate Research (Northwestern), 2010
ACS Inorganic Student Travel Award, 2009
Phi Lambda Upsilon Chemistry Honor Society, 2008

Outstanding UK Correspondent Scholarship (British Council), 2005

Summa Cum Laude and early graduation, 2005

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